Monday, November 24, 2014

*singing* It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ♡

I know that the first Advent Sunday is next week but I can't wait any longer and since today is the 24th of November and Christmas will be here in exactly a month, I am oficially giving myself permission to go full out Christmas crazy for the next four weeks :)

I just put a few christmasy decorations onto my bedside table, also bought new fairy lights for my bed and window over the weekend; sitting here in my Disney "Look Bambi, it's snowing!" pyjamas (which by the way are different from the ones I mentioned in my Disneyland post; yes yes I have two different Babmi-themed PJ sets), 'cause I just got a message from my best friend that it's snowing back home; got A Family Christmas by The Piano Guys and Christmas by Michael Bublé playing on repeat and I am currently wrapping Christmas present for my loved ones.

Yes, I did my Christmas shopping early this year :) Well, at least most of it :)

It looks like Christmas around me thanks to my fairy lights, 
it smells like Christmas thanks to the candles and a branch of a fir tree from my dear colleague Janka,
it sounds like Christmas thanks to Mr. Bubblé and The Piano Guys ♡
What more could I possibly ask for? :D

I guess what I'm trying to say is, that I am pretty much the happiest girl in the whole universe right now ♡

My tiny piece of heaven ♡
Going all DIY on my Christmas cards and awesome wrapping ideas this year :)

Got to go back to my gift wrapping, so I will talk to you more later but before I go, let me share a piece of my Christmas heaven with you ;) Have a good night, everyone ♡


  1. It looks awesome!!! I envy you all the christmasy things. Hopefully I will have chance to see this beauty also in late december :)
    ps: I hope at least one of those wrapped gifts is mine! ;-) :-P

  2. No worries, darling. All of it will still be up when you come see me ;-)
    P.S. My lips are sealed. It is supposed to be a surprise :-P

  3. Wonderful! Loove lights on that "old school" bed :-) And that song as well ;-)