Sunday, November 9, 2014

It all started with a mouse ♥

Sitting here in my PJs with Disney's Babmi on them, I finally made some time to just sit down and finally write the post that all my friends have eagerly been waiting for :)

And since I got some complains from my loved ones from abroad that they don't speak Slovak and feel kind of left out, I will write this one in English.

Can I just say that I have spend the last 6 hours going over 400 photos I took that day, editing and making collages on my tiny slow netbook, which would crash every 10 minutes, so you guys better appreciate the effort I am putting into this, okay? :P

Ever since September 15th, the day I booked my flight to Paris, I wouldn't speak of anything else but going to Disneyland. I pretty much wanted to go there my whole life, but it wasn't until then, that I've realized that it might actually happen and you can't imagine how excited I was, especially since I was flying to Paris just two days after my birthday ♥ 

You can imagine what my response was every time Ivko asked me what I wanted to see in Paris. Disneyland, exactly. But he wasn't as excited as I was, or better said not at all... I think he was trying to avoid the topic thinking I might forget about it sooner or later, but nope, that just wasn't going to happen :) So once I've realized he didn't want to come with me I felt sad and disappointed 'cause he would claim how much he cares about me, but... He knew how much it meant to me and yet he wouldn't go...

Decisions, decisions... Do I go alone or not at all?
This was a tough one.

Let's be honest, going to an amusement park alone feels quite lonely. Plus I have never heard of anyone going to Disneyland alone. Have you?

In the end, it was thanks to my colleague Natálka, who wrote me a message on Monday evening, saying she is expecting me to post a lot of pictures from Disneyland the next day, which made me gather up enough courage to just go for it and make the most out of it along the way.

And that kids, is the story of how your mom made her dream come true :)

It all started at 10 am on Tuesday, October 21st when I arrived in Marne-la-Vallée, aka the eastern part of Paris where my Happy La La Land is located and saw this:

There are two parks in Marne-la-Vallée: Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios but one day just isn't  enough to see both. I didn't even manage to see everything in Disneyland and I've been there from the opening till the closing. It is quite huge, plus if you want to take all the rides, you spend quite a long time waiting in lines so it's just impossible to manage that in just 12 hours. Well, maybe if you buy the Fast Pass you can...

Anyways, as soon as I got my ticket, and posted some long awaited selfies for my colleagues to see (since the only place I could get free wifi was at the entrance), I went straight ahead past the lobby direction MY DREAMS ♥

Here is a map of the park for better visualisation:

As you can see it consists of 5 main parts:

Main Street U.S.A.
and Frontier

I didn't have enough time to discover Discoveryland (pun intended), but I have explored the other 4 parts thoroughly as you will have a chance to find out :)

The first part you basically have to walk by is


Since it was October, it is pretty self-explanatory that the whole park was decorated with lanterns, pumpkins and everything else connected to Halloween, especially when it comes to this part of the park. Also the music playing here was spooky :)

Gazebo in the middle of Town Square

Discovery Arcade

The Main Street is pretty much the part where you will find most of the shops and restaurants, but it is also the place where the Parade and Meet and Greets with the characters take place. Oh and this is also one of the stops for the Disneyland Railroad that can take you along the whole park, as well as the place where you can take Horse-Drawn Streetcars.

Disney Magic on Parade started later at 17:30 but since I already mentioned it, I might as well include some pics from the parade right here:

I must admit that I did tear up a little during the parade. I don't know whether it was the music or just the fact that I am an emotional crybaby, but it just happened. Also this wasn't the first of the last time I cried that day, but we'll get back to that later :D

Also, the pictures aren't as nice as I would hope them to be, so you may just watch this video instead:

The way from the Main Street leads right to the most dominant feature of the park 
- the Sleeping Beauty Castle  ♥ 

This is nothing to how crowded it was later in the evening...

Taken with my phone, thus the poor quality...
At this point I was like: I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!

Also before I forget it, the weather was going crazy that day. It was cold, windy and rainy for the most part, a true sweater weather as people call it, but then the sun would come out and shine for like five minutes every two hours so I took these while I had the chance:

One can never have too many pictures with a princess castle :P
Moving from the outside to the actual inside, this is a small portion of what you can find in the castle:

This is pretty much what I imagine heaven to be like :D
More shops! Yup, that's right. Can I just take a moment to say that I stared at the lights on the ceilings for at least 30 seconds with my mouth open before I realized how ridiculous I must look like and then started laughing for no reason? I mean who does that? Nobody! Except for maybe crazy people and well, me :D Haha! Actually I should feel ashamed of myself... >.<

Also they had a makeover section in the castle and I wanted to dress up as a princess so badly, but they only have kids sizes, like how rude is that? As if you aren't allowed to be a princess once you turn 13 or something, tsk tsk. The biggest dress I could find was for 14-years-old and I was so tempted to actually try it on since I sometimes buy clothes from the kids sections anyways, but I didn't wanna feel like a creep. Plus they were sold for like 60 Euros, so yeah....

There is also a staircase inside, which takes you to the towers where you can read the story about Sleeping Beauty.
Also a shop inside the castle :)

Full-lenght mirror, an excuse for camwhoring :P


Once you walk out of the castle on the opposite side, you find yourself in the courtyard, which as it was Halloween season was turned into Maleficient's Court where you could meet & greet the villains :) They would come out for a couple of minutes every hour or so I believe and it was pretty much mission impossible to get a picture with them since they were all always surrounded by little kids and their parents, but I got to meet Gaston and as he was saying he is ''the most handsome man on earth'' so who else would I need, right? :P

By the way, there is a dungeon with a dragon under the castle called La Taniere du Dragon and I don't quite remember how I found the entrance to that one, but the point of the story is that magical things happen once you get lost at Disneyland, 'cause as some of you might now, I love dragons ♥

Moving on, the castle is something like an entrance to 


aka my favorite part  ♥ 

I went to all the rides in Fantasyland, oh yes I did! I think that out of all the parts, this one is the most suitable one for small children, so that might be the reason why I love it so much :D That and the fact that it is pink and that princesses live here, hahaha :P

Here is a list of all the rides I went to:

1. Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains - telling the story of Snow White :)
2. Les Voyages de Pinocchio - telling the story of Pinocchio :)
3. Le Carrousel de Lancelot - a good old fashioned carrousel :)
4. Peter Pan's Flight - the most magical ride of all in my opinion telling the story of Peter Pan ♥
5. Dumbo the Flying Elephant - I mean this is pretty explanatory: I flew on Dumbo :P
6. Alice's Curious Labyrinth - which isn't a ride really, since you walk there instead of sitting down and letting a boat, train, balloon or whatever else it is that you sit down on during the other rides :D
7. Mad Hatter's Tea Cups - here for example you twist and twirl in a cup :D
8. Casey Jr. le Petit Train du Cirque - a tiny train that takes you round the ride that follows next
9. Le Pays des Contes de Fées - a tiny boat that takes you along miniatures of all the Disney moovies :)
10. It's a Small World - a cruise, which takes you around miniatures of all the countries of the world :)

I didn't take pictures of all of them because especially the inside rides are quite dark and you don't wanna ruin your experience or the experience of other people around you with a flash and since they are all in motion it is pointless to take pictures without the flash. But here are some I did take pictures of :)

It's a Small World

Le Pays des Contes de Fées

Alice's Curious Labyrinth

Confusing, much? :)

Oh hi there Queen of Hearts and Fantasyland

You can pretty much tell that the sun has been shining again since I took a million pictures of myself in the maze :D

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups

Mad Hatter's Tea Cups at night :)

Peter Pan's Flight
That is Dumbo the Flying Elephant in the middle.
And here are some other things to see in Fantasyland:

A pizzeria and a restaurant :)

Another restaurant.

Toad Hall - this is where I went for lunch when it started raining :)

My super expensive lunch - 13 euros for a burger... >.<
I was quite lucky because I never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a ride, most of the time it was under 5 minutes, but the queues to meet the Disney characters always took hours. That is why I only picked to wait for one: a princess :)

And where do you go to when you want to meet a princess? The Princess Pavilion
At first I thought that I would get to see them all, but no, you only get to see one 'cause they all have their own small area with their own butler and photographer and you don't get to chose which one you get a chance to meet because it depends on which one is currently free, sigh.

But let's not be sad here, it was a nice experience nevertheless :)

I got a chance to meet Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty herself, which is quite sweet actually 'cause Karlie calls me Aurora :) Not because of the princess but because of Aurora Borealis, as to her I am as special and rare as the northern light ♥  I have the best friends, I know I know :)

 There is no other way to describe Aurora as princess-like, as that is exactly what she was like :) That and shocked a little to see an adult coming to see her :D It must be quite weird to see an adult wanting to meet a princess, I admit that.

Speaking of princesses, most of friends call me Snow White because when it comes to appearance I believe I look like her the most. But when it comes to personality, I'd say I am 100% Rapunzel. Just think about it: she is cute (which is the first impression that most people get of me as I've been told), caring, childish, indecisive, she believes in the good in people and most of all, she spent most of her life daydreaming about lights. Now tell me that you don't think I am exactly like her :P

My next stop after Fantasyland was 


a more adventurous part :)

A bunch of decorations and Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing
 I wanted to go on the boat so badly, but got unlucky 'cause it had to close down because of some technical issues as far as my French-speaking skills go... oh well.

So after the unsuccessful attempt to go on Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing I got this stupid idea to go to Phantom Manor :D Me and a haunted mansion, I know what you are thinking: that just can't go right :D Well, guess what? It did! But I will admit that after a member of the staff asked us to gather in the middle and stay away from the walls I did say to myself that it was a terrible idea to come here :P It was okay, really :)

Phantom Manor

This one is especially for my flatmate who loves Tim Burton :)

Since the boat was closed down and I would have to queue over an hour for The Big Thunder Mountain which were the only two things I was interested in at Frontierland, I moved on to 


 Once again, I went to all the rides in this part :)
Actually there are only two of them:
1. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
and 2. Pirates of the Carribbean,

but I went to all the other attractions that aren't defined as 'rides' as well :)

These are the Adventure Isle and a tree house called La Cabane des Robinson :)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril
Let me share a story here :) So, since I was in Adventureland I wanted to do something adventurous. The Indiana Jones ride looked quite 'safe' from this side, but once I actually was in the line for it, I saw a huge loop and I was like: ''Shit, shit, shit I can't go upside down! I have two bags with me!'' Plus I am quite scared of rollercoasters like this one and would never ever ever (!!!) let anyone persuade me going on one. But I was already in line and let me tell you something: once you are in line for something in Disneyland, there is NO WAY for you to go back, seriously. You just have to go with it.

So I went on the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril ride and I screamed and screamed and laughed and just basically went through a million different emotions at once :D Once it was over I couldn't believe I did it, and didn't loose my bags, hahaha :D And this was the second time I started crying, in the middle of a hysterical laughter :D

While I was taking this photo, a nice guy offered to take a photo of me so...

... tadaaaaa! No more selfies, hahaha :D
You can tell that is was slowing getting dark at this point, so I went back to Fantasyland to go on some rides I mentioned above as I thought it would be less crowded now since it also got colder and I thought most of the families with the little kinds would be gone now.

 Also I had about two hours to kill before the big finale and like I already mentioned it was quite cold, so I went back to the Main Street and did some shopping as if paying 73 euros for the entrance ticket wasn't enough.... But hey,  at least I didn't buy a plushie! You all should be proud of me :P

Magical Main Street ♥

And then I went back to the Sleeping Beauty Castle around 9pm to get a good spot and waited there alone, in the cold for an hour to see the thing I was dreaming about seeing for I don't even know how long :)

Ladies and gentlemen, 

let me present you the most magical laser and water show
(and also the third and last time I cried at Disneyland that day)


Like Walt Disney would say: 

''If you can dream it, you can do it."

And I though I would feels so sad doing this on my own, but let me just tell you something: 


And I would do it over and over again, even alone, for the rest of my life :)

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