Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The moment you are about to quit

is the moment the magic is about to happen ♥

Monday's Total Body Torture on Blogilates was a killer. 
I woke up feeling so sore the next morning that I considered skipping the Cardio Ab Attack day and have a rest day instead.

Then I got an e-mail saying Cassey replied on my comment on a video from the previous day:

 photo b776dc3d-b2f8-4db1-8508-20622bf55aa8_zpseaabe65f.jpg

I spent the next half an hour re-reading those two words over and over again. 
Two simple words that mean the world to me ♥

Want to guess what happened next? I put my workout clothes on, took my mat out and finished every single video that Cassey planned for us that day plus two more stretching routines I absolutely love because I felt invincible and extra flexible for some reason. I finished them all with a wide grin on my face, without a single break taken, without a single move missed :)

Thank you for the gentle reminder, Cassey.
I couldn't have asked for a better trainer ♥

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